BSA -- Troop 285
Merit Badge Counselors Site

* David Le                                                          
 John Wong
Katrina Huynh  
Linh Bui
* Minh Nguyen
Maurice Le                                                       
Phuong Tu
* Quynh-Nhu Ngo                                                          
* Nhi Nguyen                                                                        
Tuyet Anh Dam
Tina Thuy-Hang Pham
* Tri Dao
* Tu Pham

Counselors are available  for the following Merit Badges:
Personal Management: Tri DaoGraphic Atrs: Tri Dao;Gardening: Phuong Tu; Tuyet AnhFishing: David leFirst Aid: Katrina Huynh; Tri Dao; Tuyet AnhEnvironmental Science: John WongEnergy: tue NgoEmergency Preparedness: Tri DaoElectronics: Tue NgoDisabilities AwarenessCitizenship in the Community: Tue Ngo; Tri DaoCitizenship in the Nation: Tri DaoCitizenship in the World: Tamara Thuy NguyenCycling: Quynh NhuCooking: Quynh NhuFamily Life: Quynh NhuHiking: Quynh NhuPersonal Fitness: Quynh NhuSwimming: Quynh NhuDog Care: Katrina Huynh; Quynh Nhu

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